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TSM@TSM - 21 Nov.
RT @TSM_Daequan: Brought the W home in the tourney for the gang with @PapiYanni let's goooo babyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TSM@TSM - 21 Nov.
Congratulations to @TSM_Daequan and his duo @PapiYanni for winning the #CodeRedLive Fortnite Tournament! 🏆#TSM t.co/J4XtZkrHxF
TSM@TSM - 21 Nov.
In the Code Red Grand Finals right now! Send @TSM_Daequan your energy >>> t.co/hy0T1X4pFN
TSM@TSM - 20 Nov.
Hey @TSM_Myth those noises are kinda sus 🤔 Brought to you by @LogitechG t.co/I37IoJgpfT
TSM@TSM - 20 Nov.
Let’s get it! @TSM_Myth, @TSMKaysid, @TSM_Daequan, @TSM_Chica, and @RealKraftyy are all playing in the Duo Code Red tournament right now! Be sure to check out their streams at t.co/pqhed74ggA ! #TSM
TSM@TSM - 20 Nov.
RT @mithytsm: German TSM fans! @Gillette just rolled out the Fusion Gamer at Rossman, and to celebrate they’re having a special giveaway fo…
TSM@TSM - 20 Nov.
Coming soon 👀 TSM Fortnite Thanksgiving Cook-Off featuring @TSM_Myth , @TSM_Daequan , and @TSM_Hamlinz ! Who will be crowned victorious? Who will falter and be sus for the rest of their lives? 🤔 📺t.co/XfgA4d5k5i t.co/YAYWK8gawE
TSM@TSM - 18 Nov.
Make sure to support @TSM_Leffen as he will be playing this weekend at #SmashSummit 7! LET'S GO BIG LEFF! #TSM t.co/5jvExV48bl
TSM@TSM - 17 Nov.
Please welcome @peterzhanglol as our new League of Legends academy coach! #TSM t.co/OOqrNZID1e
TSM@TSM - 17 Nov.
We are holding our very first in house Scouting Grounds and looking for talented players to add to our LCS roster! We will be inviting two players for each role to fly out to LA and bootcamp with our staff. Apply: t.co/0dsMEyfC0H t.co/NeWjYQYR3f
TSM@TSM - 16 Nov.
If we ever get an Austin Powers reboot can somebody cast this man as Dr. Evil?? @TSM_Daequan Brought to you by @LogitechG t.co/PBcp2LxaiP
TSM@TSM - 16 Nov.
Low tempo jungler establishing his dominance. Congrats to @TSM_Grig for ending the season at the top of the challenger! t.co/mdqpeRHoG3
TSM@TSM - 15 Nov.
The shenanigans continue! 😅 Check out part 2 the funniest bloopers and outtakes that didn't quite make it into TSM: Legends! ▶️ t.co/UF7PWiHDIu t.co/UXbPImgxT8
TSM@TSM - 14 Nov.
We had a lot of fun at TwitchCon this year! Check out our latest video to see what we were up to! 👀 ▶️ t.co/AVNAWPYaTN t.co/ABuuFtJI1y
TSM@TSM - 13 Nov.
RT @leena_xu: Made @Forbe 30 Under 30 this year 😊 t.co/L3HVBc964e
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