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Cheers love, TSM is here

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the signing of the players ‘aimbotcalvin’ and ‘GaleAdelade’ in starting up TSM’s newest Overwatch division. Even prior to its official release, Overwatch has seen extreme popularity that has soared throughout the the last year. We are incredibly excited to finally be a part of the massive scene and are extremely pleased to have both Calvin and Gale represent us in the community. Both players have been signed as brand ambassadors and streamers, and they will officially be streaming under the TSM banner. 

Both Calvin and Gale are well-known streamers who have exploded in popularity during the last several months. Both of them have consistently been extremely high rated on the NA solo queue leaderboard, with Calvin having finished top 20 in the last year’s seasons and Gale in the top 100. Calvin is known for his flexibility and excellent hitscan abilities while Gale is known for being a fantastic Ana player. We are extremely excited to be working with both of these players in the immediate future and wish them a warm welcome to the TSM family.

“I am an extremely huge fan of TSM. Seeing them grow from the start of League of Legends to what they have become now - I loved everything about it. TSM was living the dream life I always wanted to do. I was always looking forward to the next TSM Legends and I would watch every episode with my homies; it was fun times. There were a mix of orgs that wanted me, but I wanted to be the odd man out and be under TSM since they are not big in Overwatch. I want to make the best out of TSM Overwatch, and what it will have in store in the future :)”

"I have been a huge fan of TSM since the old League days and I couldn't be more proud to represent them in Overwatch. I told myself that if I was going to sign with an organization for streaming, I would only settle for TSM as only the best represent them. I’m really happy and excited to be a part of the team and will do everything I can to make TSM a big name on Overwatch."
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