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chocoTaco coming to TSM!

Today, we would like to announce Jake ‘chocoTaco’ Throop as the newest addition to TSM’s stream team! chocoTaco is a fresh and popular PUBG streamer, having started his streaming career in June 2017. He began his online career by streaming part time after he managed to hold North America’s rank 1 kill rating in PUBG for a few seasons, slowly attracting more and more viewers over his first few months. His viewership exploded soon after TwitchCon which led him to quit his job in education and transition into full-time streaming in January 2018. 

chocoTaco will be representing TSM primarily as a PUBG streamer, but will also play other games such as CS:GO and DotA 2 on occasion. His current fans know him as a soft-spoken and highly skilled gamer, being attracted to his stream by his high-paced playstyle, educational commentary, and the occasional discussion of whether or not a taco is a sandwich. We’re ecstatic to have him on board, and hope for all our fans to give him a warm welcome to the TSM family!

“I've been into competitive gaming since I first played Half-Life Deathmatch CS 1.6, and watching players get signed to professional organizations ten to fifteen years ago felt like an unachievable goal for me back then. It's literally a dream come true to join TSM. I'm very excited to be a part of the TSM family and hopefully become a bigger part of the gaming community. I also can't wait to get in game and dominate with the other TSM PUBG players.”
-Jake ‘chocoTaco’ Throop
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