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Welcome Dakotaz & HighDistortion!

TSM is excited to announce the signing of ‘dakotaz’ and ‘HighDistortion’, both of whom will be representing us on Twitch.tv in the Fortnite community! For those unfamiliar with the Fortnite scene, ‘Dakotaz’ has been a streamer within the survival game community since 2012, becoming well known within WarZ and Infestation. In more recent years, he made the switch to Battle Royale and started playing Fortnite since the day it came out. He is known for his sniping ability and having a relaxed stream atmosphere. On the other hand, ‘HighDistortion’ has been streaming since 2016, although he has over ten years worth of professional Gears of Wars experience and he competed briefly in Overwatch. He started playing Fortnite two weeks after it went free to play and became known for flashy and aggressive highlight plays, earning himself generous hosts from larger streamers such as ‘dakotaz’.

Both streamers started playing together, which was well received by their streams and became a regular deal. The both eventually became good friends and a famous duo, being known by their fans as ‘HDK’ (a portmanteau of ‘HD’ for HighDistortion and ‘DK’ for Dakotaz). We are extremely delighted to have the pair representing us in Fortnite and we hope for all our fans to welcome the to the TSM family!

"I have always admired the prestige of TSM and what they represent in the Esports/gaming world. Some of my favorite gamers such as Kripp and Viss are in TSM, and once TSM was interested in me, all the other org discussions were ended! I can't wait to represent TSM while showcasing some great Fortnite gameplay!" 

“I have been a part of the Twitch community since the very early days as a lurker in 2011 and a streamer in 2012. It has always been a dream of mine to join an elite community of dedicated professional gamers who play and stream at the highest level of competition and create the greatest content for people to enjoy.

Becoming a part of TSM has allowed for this dream to come true. The level of game play for all competitive games from League of Legends, to Hearthstone and PUBG is incredible. I know now that by joining TeamSoloMid I will help bring that same level of competitiveness to the organization for Fortnite. I look forward to what the future holds for 2018 and beyond and I hope you will all join me in bringing the highest level of game play and content creation to TSM’s newest venture into Fortnite.”

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