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Hiring: Backend Engineer

Job Title: Back End Engineer

Type: Full Time

Location: Los Angeles, CA

We're looking for an experienced Backend Engineer for a full-time, on-site position. You will be working with our separate software business team to further develop backend applications for our websites, which include FortniteMaster.com, ProBuilds.net, Champion.GG, and several in-progress unreleased products.


  • Will work on our League of Legends and Fortnite applications that do game data analytics and user profiles at scale.  There will be more games added in the near future so this is a fast paced opportunity with lots of learning.


  • Must be able to work on-site in Los Angeles, CA
  • 3+ years experience in backend development and data analytics at scale (suggested)
  • Familiarity with Elixir, Scala, Cassandra, Postgresql, Node.js
  • Excellent communication skills with the English language
  • Bonus points for being a gamer that plays League of Legends and/or Fortnite

To apply, send an email to [email protected] with subject title Application: Back End Engineer. You may contact our Lead Software Developer on Twitter (@TSMLeaf) with any questions about the position you may have.

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