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Hiring: Front End Engineer

Job Title: Front End Engineer

Type: Full Time

Location: Los Angeles, CA

We're looking for an experienced Frontend Engineer for a full-time, on-site position. You will be working with our separate software business team to further develop frontend for our websites, which include FortniteMaster.com, ProBuilds.net, Champion.GG, and several in-progress unreleased products. 


  • Develop the front-end and accurately implement designed features and user interfaces for our suite of websites
  • Work closely with the Director of Software and Director of Digital Product to deliver a polished and user-friendly product
  • Write clean, maintainable, reusable, and efficient code


  • Must be able to work on-site in Los Angeles, CA
  • 5+ years experience in front end web development (suggested)
  • Familiarity with React, Redux, CSS, and Electron
  • Excellent communication skills with the English language.

To apply, send an email to [email protected] with subject title Application: Front End Engineer. You may contact our Director of Technology on Twitter (@officiadil) with any questions about the position you may have.

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