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Thank you, Kobbe!

As mentioned in a previous statement, Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup will be leaving us in the upcoming 2020 NA LCS Summer Split.

At the end of 2019, we were looking for a new core in the bot lane and Kobbe’s experience and consistency, and drive coupled with Biofrost’s mechanics and adaptability seemed like the perfect fit for the upcoming years. Unfortunately, it became apparent as the season progressed that the synergy within the bot lane and between the bot lane and the rest of the team was not developing fast enough to keep up with the top duos in the league.  Ultimately we decided to explore other options. 

Working with Steve, we saw that the trade for Doublelift quickly developed into a viable option. And the rest of our players and staff agreed that while it wouldn’t address all our issues, Doublelift’s leadership and existing synergy with Bjergsen and Biofrost would be a better fit for our team and was the right step forward to solidifying a team identity. 

We’ve communicated with Kasper early on in the process and presented him with all available options and have worked with him in the past month to find the most suitable team for him. We reached out to every interested party in NA and EU and allowed Kasper to choose whichever option he felt was best. In doing so, we completely disregarded any financial considerations or conventional transfer buyouts that may have been better for the organization in order to allow what was best for Kasper.

Ultimately, we understand the position this put Kasper in and want to recognize the sacrifice he made. Thank you so much Kasper, for being a part of our team and all your hard work throughout your time here. We wish you the best on your upcoming journey and hope you find the success you deserve!

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