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Meet TSM H1Z1


Back at the very start of March, TSM was announced as one of the inaugural teams to play within the H1PL - a pro league for H1Z1 Battle Royale. Since that announcement, many of our fans have been speculating as to who might be on the TSM H1Z1 roster. Today, we’re very excited to answer those questions and to introduce all of you to our newest team! 

Please welcome the H1Z1 players who will be representing TSM in the H1PL:

  • Garrett ‘geesh’ Shearer (IGL)
  • Carter "carta" Bjorklund
  • Eric ‘ogtriv’ Geel
  • Mark ‘Dropped’ Thees
  • Jacob ‘ShellShock’ Hash
  • Reed ‘inboxes’ Tucker (Team Manager and Coach)

Geesh, carta, ogtriv, and ShellShock have all been playing together for the past year, competing in various tournaments such as Dreamhack Winter 2017, the H1Z1 TwitchCon Invitational, and the NA Royalty Showdown throughout the past year. Dropped is the most recent addition to the squad, having joined in January 2018 prior to being signed by TSM. Many of them have had high placements throughout these tournaments, earning themselves reputations within the community. Geesh is known to be one of the best IGLs in the scene, ogtriv being called a “racer gamer”, Dropped being known as one of the best slayers in the H1Z1 community, while Carta and ShellShock being known for their consistency in tournaments. inboxes, the team manager and coach, is also a veteran player, having won the H1Z1 Twitchcon invitational in 2016.

We’re extremely happy to have gathered this team and look forward to their debut in the H1PL which starts April 21st! Once again, we hope that our fans give these new players a warm welcome to the TSM family!

"We are all incredibly excited and thankful to TSM to have this opportunity to represent them in the H1Z1 Pro League. All of us have worked incredibly hard and stayed committed to the game for a long time so it feels amazing to have all the hard work pay off. TSM is an icon in the esports industry and we couldn't be happier to represent them. We will continue work relentlessly to stay at the top of the H1 competitive scene and make TSM fans proud in the H1PL."
-Team Statement

Follow our H1Z1 team on social media:

Garrett ‘geesh’ Shearer

Carter "carta" Bjorklund

Eric ‘ogtriv’ Geel

Mark ‘Dropped’ Thees

Jacob ‘ShellShock’ Hash

Reed ‘inboxes’ Tucker (Team Manager and Coach)

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