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NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Week 2 Rundown

These past couple weeks in the NA LCS Spring Split 2018 have been difficult. Our losses against Team Liquid and FlyQuest during Week 1 were unfortunate, but we jumped into Week 2 with optimism.

With a 0:2 record, we went into Week 2 against OpTic Gaming. With safe champions like Azir and Ezreal in each lane, we aimed to win in the late game. After one of the longest games this season -- totaling over 60 minutes -- our gold lead and scaling paid off during our fight in the mid lane concluding our first win. 

The victory from the previous game fueled us into our next game against Echo Fox. The game was highly action-packed and we made several plays that gave us a kill lead -- as well as a gold lead -- on Echo Fox. Another victory was within grasp. Seeing an opportunity to take top inhibitor, we proceeded to push top lane hard and destroyed it, but that led to a handful of deaths for TSM while retreating. 

Despite already having huge waves of super minions pushing the enemy's top and mid lanes, we engaged in a fight in bot lane that turned the tides for the worst.

Our team fights against Echo Fox were aplenty, but were ultimately not enough. We fell to Echo Fox in an hour long game after a fight at our middle inhibitor turret. Compared to the previous week, our team has shown marked improvement and we know it will show in this week's games against Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves. 

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