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SSONG Departs from TSM

Today, we're announcing that Kim ‘SSONG’ Sang-Soo will be leaving our organization. Despite SSONG’s dedication and many talents, the long 2018 season has resulted in both parties agreeing that TSM was not the correct fit for him. Even so, no one can ignore all the hard work and effort he put in to help us succeed over the past year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his time with us. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he will be able to find success in his future.

It was a great and meaningful year working with TSM. Everyone on TSM is dedicated and unbelievably hard-working, which motivated me everyday to be a better coach as well. I will never forget my time with the players and staff. Although our results were not as satisfactory as I wished to be, I am sure all the players and staff members got stronger and closer to each other throughout our time together, so I have no doubt that they will succeed. I am sad that I cannot work with them anymore and I cannot be part of their future success but I truly appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given. And I will, myself, cheer for them. I also want to thank Andy and Parth for giving me this unforgettable experience. It was great to work with Lustboy and all other staff members. I am always proud of the players who are absolutely talented, intelligent, and motivated and I would like to see their continuous growth and success. Lastly, I want to thank all the TSM fans out there who always have made TSM chants cheerful.

-Kim ‘SSONG’ Sang-Soo

We’re currently looking for suitable candidates to fill this position for next year’s season, and we will provide an update in the upcoming weeks.

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