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Thank You Weldon

Prior to the start of the 2016 Summer Split, we signed Weldon Green to be a part of our League of Legends roster coaching staff. This decision was made based off the beneficial assistance he provided us in the Spring Split, and we hired him primarily to help develop our players as competitors and manage internal relations within the team. As displayed in the summer, our team had achieved a great deal with Weldon on board; he functioned very well in facilitating out of game relationships between our players and helping them achieve and exceed their own boundaries.

Despite the positives of working with Weldon, we have decided to mutually part ways. We found that working with him in short periods of time proved to be more effective and will instead continue to consult and work with him for bootcamps. We are extremely grateful for all the work he has put into helping the team, and the lessons he has taught us will still be applied in his absence. We wish Weldon the best in his future endeavors in esports, and hope to maintain a genial relationship with him.

We would also like to take this opportunity to clarify some statements that arose during this year’s Worlds. Team SoloMid as an organization has always valued our bootcamps leading up to worlds in Korea, and we have always been extremely grateful to the top Korean teams that choose to scrim with us. These scrims have traditionally been some of the best practice our team gets in the competitive season, and we always learn a great deal during these bootcamps. To shed further light on this topic, Samsung White in Season 4 was our primary scrim partner throughout Worlds, and they played a huge factor in our tournament run that year.

We actively choose to remain on good relationships with our Korean scrim partners because we find that they are extremely beneficial to our team’s development as a whole. The statements that were made do not reflect the organization’s stance and beliefs towards them whatsoever, and we strive to keep these partnerships strong and healthy for the benefit of all.

As such, we are looking for a skilled sports psychologist to take his place as the 2017 season approaches. Candidates should ideally have the following requirements:

  • Qualification or degree in psychology or related field of study
  • Experience working with and/or coaching youth
  • Minimum 4 years experience

A successful candidate will be able to work with a group of highly talented youth in order to help them meet their personal and professional goals and stay motivated throughout the competitive season. He/she will be able to work with the organization to develop a healthy environment for the players and help them manage their physical and emotional stress as necessary. He/she will also be able to effectively mediate and defuse conflicts as they arise and help the players develop and maintain good interpersonal relationships with one another.

All interested parties should contact us at [email protected] with a resume and cover letter.

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