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TannerSlays joins TSM Apex Legends

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to our Apex Legends team, Tanner ‘TannerSlays’ Roach! Tanner is well known in the Call of Duty scene as well, having spent a few years streaming playing Competitive 1v1s. He’s also spent a fair amount of time playing Battle Royales, climbing the FPP leaderboards in PUBG and playing Blackout before finally trying Apex Legends. He made a name for himself there after taking 2nd place in a Twitch Rivals tournament, and has continued to succeed in the Apex scene ever since.

I first heard of TSM from my brother who played League of Legends. Seeing how the Org would treat their players & the family bond it created not only just through the teammates but, through the environment & staff. Hearing the crowd chant "TSM TSM TSM" gives me chills, and I'm extremely proud and happy to work with TSM. To be a part of an org that I have known for years is a real dream come true. Even though I mainly focus on FPS & Battle Royale genre games, I will always love watching the TSM team compete in League of Legends. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at TSM!
Tanner ‘TannerSlays’ Roach

You can find Tanner streaming regularly on Twitch, where his goofiness and positive attitude help create a friendly environment for new viewers to enjoy. We’re thrilled to have him on board, and hope for our fans to give him a lovely welcome!

Follow TannerSlays on social media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/TannerSlays_  

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