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TSM Going to IEM Oakland

As a result of some fortunate circumstances, TSM will be officially playing at IEM Oakland 2016.

In our earlier announcement, we expected the process to find suitable candidates for the AD carry position to take far longer than what actually happened. Originally, we expected that a lengthy tryout process would be required to find a player who would fit with Biofrost and the team. A vast majority of applicants were unvetted and untested, and we were unprepared to commit to the tournament within those circumstances.

What changed within the last week was that an unexpected number of high profile veterans have reached out to the organization to indicate their desire to play with us. As a result of this, we were able to bypass a good deal of the tryout process we originally foresaw. While the final roster for IEM Oakland has yet to be determined, the process has been sped up significantly enough for us to fully commit to the tournament. We will release a separate announcement with more details on the roster once it has been confirmed.

The roster we will debut at IEM Oakland will not be the official roster for the 2017 Season, and will be subject to change before the 2017 Spring Split.

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