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TSM Enters Fortnite BR

Over the past few months, Fortnite has shown monumental strides in popularity, having gone from being a virtually unknown game to one of the most viewed on Twitch.tv in the span of half a year. As the community grew, so has the amount of competitive opportunity within the game. Given this, TSM is extremely excited to be on board with this new title, and are announcing the signing of Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani (also known as ‘Imthemyth’) as our very first Fortnite BR player and team captain. 

Myth has been a part of the community since the very beginning of its release, making his way to rank 1 on the leaderboards as one of the game’s premiere Builders. He is known for his innovation, with much of his popularity coming from coming up with successful strategies that others might have overlooked and pushing the boundaries of that particular system. He also enjoys his role as an informative streamer for the community, and takes pride in creating entertaining and unique content for his viewers. TSM is delighted to have him on board, and we wish him a big welcome as he joins us as our Fortnite team’s inaugural member as we enter the new year!

“This is like a little boy’s dream come true. It may sound odd but its insanely nostalgic for me. I remember not so long ago watching and falling in love with TSM as they competed in League tournaments and thinking to myself how amazing it must feel to accomplish your wildest dreams. Being able to represent them in Fortnite is less than just me being a part of TSM and more about me kicking ass with my favorite childhood superhero. Im honored and ready to show people what TSM will do in Fortnite.”
-Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani

As mentioned previously, Myth has been signed on as a team captain. We are still in the process of filling out the rest of the team’s roster, so stay tuned for further announcements in the coming month!

Follow Myth on social media:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/themyth

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TSM_Myth

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myth_twitch/

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