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TSM signs first Teamfight Tactics players Souless and Keane

When Teamfight Tactics came out a month ago, it was an instant success, absolutely dominating the auto-battler genre. Since its release, TFT found its place consistently at the top of Twitch viewership. In the past few weeks, it was very clear that it wasn’t a question of whether to sign a player, but who to sign.

As such, we would like to welcome Duy Minh ‘Souless’ Nguyen and Lae-Young ‘Keane’ Jang  as TSM’s first and newest TFT players! Despite being a very new streamer, Souless is already fairly well known already for his success in TFT with three accounts in Challenger, getting there in 2 days on one of them. Not only is he a very high ranked player, he’s extremely creative at coming up with unorthodox team compositions and strategies that dominate the meta.

“I’ve been a TSM fan ever since I started playing League of Legends, from their super unique logo design to their player choices. I even have the TSM icon on my main League of Legends account.  I’m glad TSM gave me a chance to work with them. And I’m thankful for the TFT community, without them I wouldn’t have made it this far. Special thanks to Scarra and Toast for hosting me, and shout out to my Discord community! There’s a lot of growing streamers and really good players that help each other. We might be small but together we can grow as a whole and become big!”
Duy Minh ‘Souless’ Nguyen

Keane on the other hand should be a familiar name to those who follow League of Legends where he was well known for very off-meta counterpicks. In more recent times, his willingness to try and find different strategies has transitioned very well to TFT, where he has become a very high ranked TFT streamer with multiple accounts in Challenger.

“It’s really exciting to join TSM after playing so many games against them in the past. It will be a very interesting new experience, especially signing for an entirely new game. I look forward to what will happen over the next year, and hope to make the org proud!”
Lae-Young ‘Keane’ Jang

We’re thrilled to officially be entering the TFT scene, and we’re very excited to have Souless and Keane be the first to represent TSM on their streams and in tournaments. Please join us in giving them a big welcome to the organization!

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