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TSM enters the World of Warcraft

Today, we’re ecstatic to announce the signing of Josh ‘Xaryu’ Lujan - the influencer who will be representing us in the World of Warcraft! WoW is a title that’s close to the heart for us at TSM, with many of us having spent a fair amount of time in the game ourselves. Along with that fact that WoW has been one of the most well-known games in recent history, it’s very exciting for us to finally be entering the scene!

Xaryu (who will now be streaming under our banner) has been building his Twitch following since October 2012. In game, he’s known for his Mage PvP skills, hitting Rank 1 and often attempting crazy achievements such as going 100-0 in 2s. More recently, he has branched off to do lifestyle and fitness streams in addition to WoW, creating content on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to promote healthy living and working out. You might also have seen him playing with some popular Fortnite streamers like Cloakzy and Jaomock.

“TSM has always been a leader in the industry and I have been watching TSM since 2012 League of Legends tournaments with the Dyrus/Xpecial/Chaox/TheOddOne/Regi roster. Joining such an established and accomplished team has been a dream of mine - I could not be more excited & grateful to join TSM. I can't wait to create incredible content alongside TSM in the WoW & Fitness space, showing gamers that they can take their health seriously and still be top level gamers.”
Josh ‘Xaryu’ Lujan

We’re thrilled to be working with Xaryu and have him representing us. His goals and values align well with ours, and can’t wait to create content with him during the upcoming year! Please join us in giving him a big welcome to the TSM Family!

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