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TSM Monthly Recap

Here are TSM News and performance summaries for December.   

League of Legends

In preparation for the 2018 NA LCS Season, we have made changes to our LCS staff. With SSONG taking up the position as our new Head Coach and Lustboy as our Strategy Coach, Parth returned to being the general manager.

In All-Star 2017, Bjergsen participated in the 1v1 tournament with 16 other players. During the finals, Bjergsen went head-to-head against UZI with a 1:2 and placed 2nd.    

With the changes in LCS staff for the coming season, we are also delighted to announce the new Academy Team. The roster is composed of Bradini, Grig, Ablazeolive, MrRalleZ, and Shady.    

Smash 4

The month kicked off with Zero participating in the final tournament of the 2GG Championship (2GGC) Series. Here, Zero placed 2nd in singles.


A few days later, on Dec. 7 – 10th, Zero also participated in Smash 4 Bootcamp. Although Zero placed 4th in singles, he and Nairo placed 2nd in doubles.   

Smash Melee

Likewise, Leffen participated in DreamHack Winter 2017 earlier this month, claiming 3rd place in singles.    



Our PUBG team will be returning to the Auzom Premier League for Season 2 in the EU region.    


Earlier this month, our Hearthstone team continued to participate in the 2017 Gold Club World Championship. Our team went against Alliance and Royal Never Give Up, defeating them both with a 3:2 record. However, their final game against LuckyFuture in the Lower Bracket ended with a 1:3 record placing our team in 7th /8th place. 


Our Vainglory team had an unfortunate run in Vainglory Worlds 2017. Sadly, our team was unable to make it out of groups with a 1:3 record.   


 Keep an eye out for our future appearances:

  • 2018 NALCS Spring Split
  • Against Team Liquid | Jan. 20
    • Against FlyQuest | Jan. 21
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