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TSM Monthly Recap

Here are last month’s TSM news and performance summaries. 

November kicked off with our Vertagear partnership and Bjergsen’s appearance in Forbes 30 under 30.  

League of Legends 

As League of Legends changed this preseason, so did our team. Our bittersweet farewells went out to Svenskeren, Biofrost, and Doublelift. In light of these goodbyes, we welcomed Michael ‘MikeYeung’ Yeung, Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen, and Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez into the TSM family.  

In addition, we were excited to announce our acceptance into the NA LCS franchise commencing in the 2018 NA LCS Season. Hoping to have a stronger NA LCS 2018 season, Andy gave his thoughts in the following video.  


Earlier this month, our team participated in the PUBG Curse Trials. As expected of TSM, our team performed exceptionally well in qualifying rounds for their group – Group B – ranking at 1st overall with 282 points. In the finals, TSM ranked 8th overall with 248 points.  

Soon after the Curse Trials, our team also participated in the PUBG Auzom Premier League. TSM finished 4th in qualifying rounds with 322 points and 85 kills. However overall, TSM finished 3rd with 97 points and 25 kills in the grand finals.  

Our PUBG team also performed at IEM Oakland later in the month. While the team finished strong to claim 1st place after the first day, they finished 6th overall with 1285 points and 31 kills.    

Smash 4/Melee 

In the first week of this month, Leffen competed at Smash Summit 5. While Leffen claimed 3rd place in singles, he and Armada took home 1st place in doubles.  

ZeRo participated in a couple other tournaments. At 2GGC: MKLeo Saga on November 4th ZeRo went a solid 2-0 against Kameme, but was unfortunately sent to the losers bracket after a 1-3 match against WaDi. Though he defeated his next opponent HIKARU 3-1, he lost to Mr.R in a close match of 2-3, placing him at 13th. In doubles, ZeRo and NairoMK teamed up once again to win the grand finals in 1st place.  

ZeRo also took part in Midwest Mayhem 10. There, he placed 2nd in singles as well as doubles with Cosmos as his partner.  


Here are the match results this 2017 Autumn Season for NA Vainglory 8 Week 4 Split 2. 

During the quarterfinals, our Vainglory team won against Tempo Storm with a 2-1. In semifinals, our team secured their place in the finals after defeating Tribe Gaming with a 2-1. Despite our team’s strong performances in the previous matches, we were defeated 0-2 against Cloud9 during the finals. Although we lost to C9 in that final match of the split, we claimed 1st place in NA with 33 points and qualified for worlds. 

On November 12th, groups for Vainglory Worlds 2017 were announced. We will be facing off against Ace Gaming and Hunters in Group D.  


Cydonia participated in a competition that was held in Shenzhen, China – the 2017 ChinaTop E-Sports Games Global Finals. Here he faced against Tom60229, JasonZhou, and XHope. In this tournament, Cydonia finished 3rd.  

Just recently, the Gold Club World Championship (GCWC) started in Beijing, China and continues from Nov. 27th to Dec. 10th. We are represented by Cydonia, Purple, and DocPwn during this competition. The tournament is currently in the group stage where we have a 2-2 record. Check out the tournament here: https://www.twitch.tv/gcwc.  


Here’s a brief compilation of our placements this month: 


  • PUBG Curse Trials| 1st in groups, 8th overall
  • PUBG Auzom Premier League| 4th in qualifying rounds, 3rd in grand finals
  • IEM Oakland| 6th overall


  • Smash Summit 5| 3rd in singles, Leffen + Armada 1st in doubles

Smash 4  

  • 2GGC: MKLeo Saga| 13th in singles, ZeRo + NairoMK 1st in doubles
  • Midwest Mayhem 10| 2nd in singles, ZeRo + Cosmos 2nd in doubles


  • Vainglory8| TSM currently stands 1st with 33 points   


  • 2017 ChinaTop E-Sports Games Global Finals | Cydonia finished 3rd 

Keep an eye out for our future appearances:  

  • NA Scouting Grounds 2017| Nov 27 – Dec 2
  • 2GGC Series | Dec 1 – 3
  • League All-Star 2017 | Dec 7 – 10 (with Hauntzer, MikeYeung, and Bjergsen)
  • Smash 4 Bootcamp | Dec 7 – 10 
  • Vainglory Worlds 2017 | Dec 14 – 17 

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