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TSM NALCS Announcement

TSM is proudly announcing our official acceptance into the NA LCS franchise that will be commencing in the 2018 NA LCS Season. For the past several months, franchising has been an exciting topic of conversation for the entire League of Legends community, and everyone at TSM is beyond ecstatic for the upcoming year in League of Legends and the impact that the franchise will have on us as an organization.

As many fans may already know, TSM exists as one of the oldest and the most successful team in North America since the inception of professional League of Legends. The organization was started out of our love for League of Legends and our desire to compete at the very highest level possible. It has been nothing short of incredible to see how the professional scene has grown over the past several years and to see it constantly moving towards and bigger and better future. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with this process. Our current place and success would never have been possible without the continued support of all our fans – support that came regardless of whether we were in our biggest slump or dominating the entire League. We also cannot ignore the efforts of all the players and organizations in the ecosystem, all of whom have dedicated their lives, sweat, and tears into making League of Legends eSports into what it is today.

With franchising, TSM is going to be able to accomplish more than ever before. We will be able to completely rebuild our coaching staff, invest more into our content, and guarantee that we will be a part of League of Legends eSports forever. Most importantly, our fans will never have to worry about us losing what makes us great as an organization. We will continue our dedication to our players, fans, and community, and we will remain committed to our style of content and management for the years to come. We’re extremely excited that Riot is devoting this level of support to League eSports, and we’re looking forward to having a stronger NA LCS in the 2018 season. 

“We’re going to increase our budget.
We’re going to revamp our coaching staff.
We’re going to shit on NA.
We’re going to make it to worlds…
And we’re hopefully going to make it out of group stages.
Fk it, Baylife”
-Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh
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