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TSM PUBG Competitive Roster Changes for 2020

As many may already know, our PUBG roster has undergone massive changes leading up to the 2020 season! First and foremost, the departures - it was already announced in mid-December when Gustav departed to join FaZe, and Iroh is expected to join another team in the coming weeks. We wish both these players the best of luck in their future careers, and would like to take this chance to officially thank them for their hard work on the team. 

Additionally, Rawryy will be stepping down as a player, and be taking over as the team’s coach in the upcoming season. mykLe will remain as the only player from last year, and will be joined by the very talented Christopher ‘Fexx’ Wheddon, René ‘Braexco’ Rehling, and Jere ‘Jembty’ Kauppinen! 

Fexx is the freshest face to the PUBG competitive scene, starting only in May 2019. His career so far has been quite successful, with the biggest highlight being his qualification for the PEL with his team Gamerlegion.

“Joining TSM is like a dream come true for anyone in esports. I watched TSM’s League of Legends team for years, and I’m elated to be able to represent TSM with our top tier roster this year!”
Christopher ‘Fexx’ Wheddon

Braexco on the other hand spent his past two years playing on an all-german roster, most recently representing G2 in 2019. During these two years, this team was able to establish themselves as a top 5 squad in Europe, although never got the big W. 

Last, but not least, Jembty is coming to TSM from Team Liquid, on which he saw massive success, placing top 4 in the vast majority of tournaments over the last year, and most importantly getting 1st place in the PEL Kick-off Cup last May. 

“I’ve always looked up to TSM as one of the best organizations in esports and have always wanted to represent them. They haven’t won a PUBG tournament yet, and I want to be the player that changes that.”
Jere ‘Jembty’ Kauppinen

We’re thrilled to have put this roster of highly skilled players together and are looking forward to seeing what they can achieve together as a single unit! Please join us in giving them a large welcome to TSM!

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