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TSM PUBG Roster Change

 Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are announcing the unfortunate departure of Mathias ‘Turtle’ Nielsen from our PUBG roster. We would like to thank Turtle for his time with us, especially for his role in helping our squad qualify for the PUBG European League, and wish him well for the future.

To replace him, we will be bringing in Michael ‘mykLe’ Wake (previously known as Survivor/SurvivorSkills). mykLe is a confident and decisive player, having played competitively since mid-2017 and spending a notable amount of time with the Pittsburgh Knights. He is a familiar friend to all our current players on the squad, having played with and competed against them over the course of his career. We wish him a warm welcome to TSM, and can't wait to work with him in the upcoming year!

“TSM is a HUGE organisation so to be a part of that is surreal. I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be apart of such a big organisation. I'm really good friends with Wookie and Gustav and have wanted to be on a team with them for a very long time now; I love the way they play and their attitude they have towards the game. I'm also good friends with Rawryy and love his grinding mentality. I think I fit in really well on the team and it will take no time at all before you start seeing big results from this roster in the PEL!”
Michael ‘mykLe’ Wake


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