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TSM Rainbow Six Welcomes Gotcha and Jarvis

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the TSM Rainbow Six roster has received significant changes which point to a bright future for the organization. We’d like to thank Tommy "Krusher" Samuel for serving as our stand-in for the first half of the Pro League; We have also mutually parted ways with Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas.

Aaron “Gotcha” Chung

We’d like to welcome Aaron “Gotcha” Chung, he will be taking the Coach position on our Rainbow Six roster! Gotcha has played Rainbow Six: Siege since Year 2 Season 1, he previously served as the Coach of the Evil Geniuses Pro League team, consecutively leading the team to a Top 2 position in North America.

Gotcha has been an FPS player since the age of 4. Prior to Rainbow Six, he put an impressive amount of time into titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He has also competed in the Rainbow Six Challenger League, once teaming with Matthew “Achieved” Solomon. His proudest accomplishments include placing 2nd against Team Empire at the Seasonal Final of the Rainbow Six Pro League.

I am extremely excited to be joining TSM as their coach. I think the team has phenomenal raw talent and great players that can easily make TSM into a titan. I am glad to be working with extremely hard-working individuals who are coachable, dedicated, and hungry to win. TSM is an amazing org and it is a privilege and an honor to be apart of this team.

Aaron “Gotcha” Chung

Connect with Gotcha on Social Media:

Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis

We’re also welcoming Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis, the newest Player for TSM Rainbow Six! Jarvis began streaming just before the launch of Rainbow Six: Siege in 2014, becoming a Pro in Year 1 Season 2. After graduating College, he entered into the professional scene of R6S.

Jarvis’ first foray into competitive competition came in the form of MLG Toronto in 2008 where he played Halo 3. He is also known for his ‘Raw Clips’ series on YouTube which has documented the progression of his play level over the years.

Jarvis describes himself as a Support player whose aptitudes include communication, defensive and offensive surveillance gadget use, and raw performance when it comes to aim. Many of the map-specific callouts used amongst professionals originated from Jarvis himself, lest we forget his best-in-class Valkyrie Cam placements.

Jarvis’ playstyle can only be described as calculated - his rapid decision making and use of communication to garner intel gives him the utmost advantage against the enemies. We feel that Jarvis and the TSM Rainbow Six roster are on their way to reaching their full potential and we’ll be here to support them every step of the way.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to play alongside some of the most mechanically talented players in the game. I'm eager to once again be playing with my old teammate and friend, Pojoman, with a group that is extremely skilled, hard working, and selfless. Playing under the prestigious banner of Team SoloMid is a dream come true for any esport competitor and is an achievement I'll wear with pride. I'm looking forward to Pro League and working with such a reputable organization.

Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis

Connect with Jarvis on Social Media:

We’re extremely excited to see what the TSM Rainbow Six roster is able to accomplish and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming our new members!

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