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Welcome (back), TSM PUBG

In a fortunate turn of events, we’re thrilled to announce that we have found a new competitive PUBG roster to once again compete under the TSM banner. The team formerly known as WTSG, consisting of:


  • Ömer “Iroh” Çakıldeveli
  • Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon
  • Alex “vard” Gouge
  • Justin “MiracU” McNally

Coach and assistant manager-type role

  • Martin “dohfOs” Lundén

Will now officially be playing for TSM. Our fans may be familiar with Iroh and Fexx, as the pair will be returning to TSM after previous stints with us. Prior to being on WTSG, Vard, MiracU, and dohfOs were formerly members on NiP. Since the start of the year, this squad has been tearing up the competition, never placing below 3rd place in any event since 2020 began.

We’re very lucky to have the opportunity to sign a team as skilled as this, especially so soon since our last announcement. We’re beyond excited to have these players represent us, and we wish them a large welcome (or welcome back) to the TSM! 

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