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Welcome TSM Fortnite

After a long month, we’ve finally completed our search for our Fortnite roster. Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the additions of ‘Hamlinz’, ‘CaMiLLs’ and ‘Daequan’ as the remaining members of the TSM Fortnite competitive team. Additionally, ‘OPscT’ will be joining the TSM Fortnite stream team! As such, our full Fortnite division is as follows:


  • Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani (Team Captain)
  • Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin
  • ‘CaMiLLs’
  • ‘Daequan’


  • Shane ‘OPscT’ Turnbull
  • ‘Dakotaz’
  • ‘HighDistortion’

Currently, ‘Hamlinz’ is rank #2 for solos and #4 overall (for all seasons) on the Fortnite ladder. Prior to BR, he was competitive in Call of Duty and Halo, moving on to the Battle Royale scene at the start of 2017 with PUBG and then switching to Fortnite when it came out.

“This is really a dream come true - people always told me I'd be a professional gamer, but I definitely want to thank my family and viewers who supported me through the thick and thin because this wouldn't have been possible without them. It's just mind blowing that a top dog org like TSM wanted me, Now I'm just ready to show people what TSM Fortnite is all about and take home some LAN victories.”
-Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin

‘CaMiLLs’ started his competitive career in Gears of War, where he managed placements as high as 3rd at MLG events. He transitioned into PC gaming after with games like Starcraft and DotA, arriving at BR with H1Z1 and eventually Fortnite. He became known within the Fortnite community after teaming with ‘Dakotaz’, ‘HighDistortion’, and ‘cdnthe3rd’ and getting the game’s win streak record at the time.

“I really feel blessed that TSM is an organization that I could join. It’s important to me that Reginald was also an esports player so he can understand what it’s like for us and relate. Being a part of this organization is beyond words and I am grateful to each and every one of you that has been a part of it and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. We have an amazing team with genuine personalities and I hope to build lasting relationships between all of us and that we are able grow not only our businesses and channels but as people as well and go on to do great things in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that we won't be 100% successful in all that we encounter!”

‘Daequan’ has a long competitive gaming background, having been amongst the top players amongst a series of games including GunZ The Duel, Black Desert Online, Wildstar and Kritika. He became known in Fortnite for having the most invitational wins in North America and takes credit for making double pump the meta. 

“So TSM huh? What is there to say, this is something I’ve always dreamed of having. I’ve been a pro for a while now, but never for an org of this caliber. I’m so grateful and blessed to be in this position i wake up everyday and feel luckier each day thinking about this happening and it’s truly and incredible feeling. I wanna thank TSM for even reaching out to me and deciding to go with me and also for being such an awesome org. The first impressions and how transparent and patient they were during the whole process really did it for me. I’m really looking forward to being able to represent TSM in the best way possible and also to compete not only for my teammates but for all of the TSM fans. I want to show them how passionate I am and show them that I want wins more than anything! I’m ready to compete and show the world what we are made of.”

Last, but not least, Shane ‘OPscT’ Turnbull has been playing Fortnite BR since late September 2017. He is a veteran of the BR community and might be recognized from his days playing H1Z1, where he was able to achieve high placements in a number of invitationals. Like the rest of his colleagues, he was able to hit a high rank upon switching to Fortnite. 

“I’m feeling good about joining TSM - I can't wait to expand my community a bit further and most importantly playing alongside friends like Dakotaz, HighDistortion, CaMiLLs and Daequan. I’m looking forward to having comfort and security and and TSM looks promising for the years to come.”
-Shane ‘OPscT’ Turnbull

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