Main Roster
Isaac Grindinger
ROLE: Player
Isaac ‘VULKan’ Grindinger joined TSM at the start of May 2018 to represent the organization in Clash Royale. VULKan is no stranger to Supercell’s games, having played Clash of Clans and Boom Beach prior to discovering Clash Royale in February 2016. At the time he was signed, VULKan was a newcomer to the Clash Royale pro scene, having only played professionally for 6 months. During those several months, he participated in four official tournaments, winning $20,000 at the King’s Cup 2 tournament as the underdog.
Samuel Klotz
ROLE: Player
Samuel ‘xopxsam’ Klotz signed with TSM in August 2018 as a part of their Clash Royale roster. He’s played Clash Royale since its release, becoming a competitive player in 2017. He has seen much tournament success throughout his career, achieving 2nd in the ESWC Clan Wars on the team Ākō Rōshi, 2nd in Geekdays Cup, and winning SUS Cup 2, which featured some of the best Clash Royale players in the world. His victories have earned him a reputation for creating special decks being one of the best bait players in the world.
Joshua Dhoundiyal
ROLE: Player
Joshua ‘Firewolf’ Dhoundiyal became a part of TSM’s Clash Royale roster in August 2018. At the age of 16, he’s the youngest player on the team with Clash Royale as the only game he’s played competitively. He’s played competitively since May 2016, grinding the ladder and winning ten $2000 online tournaments over the past couple of years. Over the years, Firewolf has gained a reputation for playing decks with Hog Rider which is his favorite card in the game.
Jack McHugh
ROLE: Player
Jack ‘airsurfer’ McHugh joined TSM to be a part of our Clash Royale team in August 2018. He has been playing the game right after its release, and started playing competitively since the 2017. Although his time representing TSM in the CRL will be his first time playing in any major Clash Royale competition, he has made himself a reputation for being one of the best Crossbow players in the game.
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