Main Roster
Ali Kabbani
ROLE: Captain
Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani was signed at the start of 2018 as the TSM’s first competitive Fortnite player. He started off as a Paragon streamer and was invited to be a part of the Fortnite scene on day one, being one of the first streamers to pick the game up. He made his way to rank one on the leaderboards as one of the game’s premiere Builder players, becoming well known for his innovation and unorthodox strategies. His drive and skill in addition to his place in the community as an entertaining and informative streamer made him the natural choice to be the organization’s Fortnite team captain.
Juan Camilla
ROLE: Substitute
‘CaMiLLs’ signed for TSM at the beginning of 2018 and is currently a substitute player for the organization’s Fortnite team. His competitive gaming career started in 2006 where he played Gears of War for several years, earning placements as high as 3rd place at MLG events. He transitioned into PC gaming soon after playing Starcraft and DotA until H1Z1 came out, which got him hooked onto Battle Royale. He eventually arrived at Fortnite which he feels is well suited to his aggressive playstyle, making his name after teaming up with Dakotaz, HighDistortion, and cdnthe3rd and earning the win streak record at the time.
ROLE: Player
‘Daequan’ became a part of TSM in February 2018 signing on to be a part of our competitive Fortnite squad. He has had a storied gaming history, having played numerous games at a competitive level including but not limited to Destiny 1 PvP, Black Desert Online, GunZ, Wildstar, and Smite. He logged an insubstantial amount of time on H1Z1 before discovering Fortnite which is ostensibly his first Battle Royale game. He is beloved by the community for his catchphrases and hyper-aggressive gameplay.
ROLE: Player
‘Hamlinz’ joined TSM as one of the team’s first competitive Fortnite players at the start of 2018. He comes from a background in competitive Call of Duty and Halo where he started his following and fanbase. He switched to Battle Royale at the start of 2017, having logged over a thousand hours in PUBG before he discovered Fortnite and managed to consistently achieve extremely high ranks on the competitive ladder despite having been with the genre for only a single year. He can often be found rapping on his stream.
Brett Hoffman
ROLE: Player
‘dakotaz’ joined TSM in January of 2018 alongside partner streamer ‘HighDistortion’ to represent the organization in the Fortnite community. dakotaz was initially a streamer within the survival game community, playing WarZ and Infestation prior to making the switch to Battle Royale. He moved onto Fortnite the day it came out, becoming known for his sniping ability and keeping a highly relaxed stream atmosphere. He and HighDistortion became close after playing together on stream, with the pair quickly becoming fan favorites and being known by their fans as ‘HDK’ (a portmanteau of ‘HD’ for HighDistortion and ‘DK’ for dakotaz).
Jimmy Moreno
ROLE: Player
‘HighDistortion’ signed with TSM in January of 2018 with partner streamer ‘dakotaz’ to represent the company in Fortnite. Prior to HighDistortion playing Fortnite, he was a competitive Gears of War player for over ten years and competitive Overwatch for a bit after that. He made his entry into Fortnite a couple of weeks after it went free to play, taking much of his FPS experience with him and becoming well known for his flashy, aggressive, highlight reel worthy plays. His stream gained popularity after receiving generous hosts from more well known players, one of whom being dakotaz. The pair have since become a well-known Fortnite duo, streaming together and putting on a good show for their viewers as ‘HDK’.
Shane Turnbull
ROLE: Player
Shane ‘OPscT’ Turnbull joined TSM in February 2018, having signed on as a Fortnite streamer. He started playing Battle Royale with H1Z1 in 2015, where he became recognized in the community for high placements in a number of invitational tournaments. He started to play Fortnite in September 2017, where his BR skill carried over and earned him first place in the December invitational. He is good friends with many other members of TSM Fortnite including Dakotaz, HighDistortion, CaMiLLs, and Daequan, and will showcase his talent alongside them on his stream.
ROLE: Player
‘RealKraftyy’ signed with TSM as a representative for TSM on at the start of 2018. Kraftyy became a well known streamer from the Destiny scene, having earned a reputation as a hard carry on the Trials of Osiris PvP mode within Destiny 1. He moved on to Destiny 2 for a bit when it was released, and started playing Fortnite which he enjoys thoroughly. Currently, he can regularly be found streaming and producing content for a combination of both games.
Maria Lopez
ROLE: Player
Maria ‘ChicaLive’ Lopez was signed onto TSM’s Fortnite lineup in October 2018. Chica has been a part of the FPS community for quite a while, playing Call of Duty and Rainbow 6 on the PS4 before switching to Fortnite on PC. Since then, she became a part of the Fortnite competitive scene, having participated in many of the major tournaments since since its very beginning. She showcases her skill on her stream and YouTube channel, and can often be found making aggressive highlight-worthy plays.
Noah Cmiel
ROLE: Player
Noah ‘Cowboy’ Cmiel became a part of TSM’s Fortnite lineup in October 2018. Cowboy has been around in the competitive Fortnite community since it began, having gained a reputation among the pros as one of the most well-rounded players. His gaming history includes practically every FPS game in the last couple of decades, with him most notably having competed in Overwatch and Halo as well. He prides himself on doing whatever it takes to have his team win while maintaining a sarcastic but good sense of humour.
Karman Sidhu
ROLE: Player
Karman ‘Kaysid’ Sidhu joined TSM’s Fortnite lineup in October of 2018. Prior to Fortnite, Kaysid dabbled with CS:GO, H1Z1, and PUBG, playing them until they bored him. Fortnite is his first competitive title, where he started making a name for himself through numerous top 10 placements throughout the Epic sponsored Skirmish series. Despite these placements, Kaysid is hungry for more, stating that he has yet to make any noteworthy achievements. On his stream, Kaysid is laid back and calm, demonstrating a smart and controlled playstyle within the game.
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