Main Roster
Anthony Colandro
ROLE: Player
Anthony ‘ZexRow’ Colandro signed with TSM on December 11th, 2018, joining the organization as a member of their Fortnite team. He entered the professional Fortnite scene in the summer of 2018, with a background in ARMA 3, Rust, and CS:GO, and quickly became a highly decorated player within the community. To name some of his more impressive achievements, he won the first week of the Fall Skirmish, placed third in the Fall Skirmish Grand Finals, and qualified for Stage 2 of the Winter Royale in both North America and Europe. Although most spectators and fans consider him to be a highly aggressive player, ZexRow claims to be a passive player, preferring to fight only when absolutely necessary.
Mack Aesoph
ROLE: Player
Mack ‘MackWood’ Aesoph became a part of TSM in September 2019. Mackwood is one of the newer faces to the competitive Fortnite scene, having made his entry in December 2018 with the Winter Skirmish. Despite this, he has seen a great deal of success in the scene already, having won the Scallywag Cup and FNCS, in addition to qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup Duos Finals. Recently, he has been playing alongside ZexRow in many of the trios cups competitions. His consistency and ability to read end games makes him a fearsome opponent and has played a large role in his successes to date.
Rocco Morales
ROLE: Player
Rocco "Saf" Morales joined TSM in August 2020, signing on as a part of the organization’s competitive Fortnite roster. Saf has been one of the names to look out for in the pro Fortnite scene. After an explosive first appearance in the 2018 Summer Skirmish, he has had numerous top 2 placements in major competitions over the past two years, notably winning the Katowice Royale in 2019 and the FNCS Duos Grand Finals this past April. Despite the major wins, Saf’s dedication and persistence to constant improvement has been the most impressive facet of his play, allowing him to remain at the top of the pro Fortnite scene.
Sardar Ghafoor
ROLE: Player
Sardar ‘Ops’ Ghafoor signed with TSM Fortnite in early September 2020. After tweeting he would go hard on Fortnite in January 2020, his growth has been nothing short of spectacular. In less than a year, all his social media channels expanded exponentially, with more and more viewers flocking to his stream to watch the young talent crush the competition. Ops became a household name - drawing one of the largest Fortnite audiences on Twitch and building a great community around him.
Kerry Fernando Salas
ROLE: Player
Kerry "Ferrrnando" Fernando Salas is a competitive Fortnite player for TSM, joining the organization mid-August 2020. Fernando is a newer player in the pro Fortnite scene, having started his career mid-2019 with the Fortnite World Cup qualifications. Despite rarely being #1, Fernando has been able to consistently take high placements in each event he has participated in. His ability to remain cool headed in high stress situations and deadly aim has earned him moderate success and a top 100 power ranking in North America.
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