Main Roster
Remco den Boer
ROLE: Captain
Remco ‘remkoe’ den Boer joined TSM at the very start of 2019 as a part of the organization’s first Rocket League team. Although he was Global Elite in CS:GO and also used to compete for world records in the game’s surf mod, Rocket League is the only game remkoe has played competitively. He is considered the team’s captain and has been in the RLCS since its very start, and won worlds back in Season 3. He has the joint most World Championship appearances of any EU player (5/6 appearances) and has the most top 3 placings at a world championship out of any player (4/6 seasons), with his success leading to many considering him as one of the greatest Rocket League players of all time. He states that has a very controlled playstyle that excels at enabling his teammates, allowing them to play however they feel most comfortable and helping them succeed.
Otto Kaipiainen
ROLE: Player
Otto ‘Metsanauris’ Kaipiainen signed with TSM in January 2019 at the turn of the year to be a part of the organization’s Rocket League team. He started playing Rocket League in early 2016, quickly climbing to the Top 100 of the ranked 1v1 leaderboards and coming in 2nd in his first 1v1 tournament. After this, he started to bounce around playing for different teams until qualifying for the RLCS in Season 3. Since then, he has made top 3 in the RLCS World Championships three times, placing in the top three at practically every major tournament in 2017. He considers himself highly skilled at adapting to his teammates, taking positions to best support their plays and and make them feel comfortable wherever they are on the field.
Jordan Stellon
ROLE: Player
Jordan ‘EyeIgnite’ Stellon became a part of TSM Rocket League at the beginning of 2019. He has played Rocket League since its release in 2015, playing under the radar until his first appearance in the professional scene two years later in September 2017 when he qualified for the first Rival Series. Since then, EyeIgnite became considered one of the league’s best two rookies in 2018, playing a vital role in taking the old Envy squad from relegations to worlds in S5 and winning the 2018 ELEAGUE Cup with his current teammates. He describes himself as being hyper aggressive in the midfield, where he tries to make cutting passes and to get into good scoring positions during counterattacks.
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