Main Roster
Matthew Solomon
ROLE: Captain/Second Entry
Matthew ‘Achieved’ Solomon is the Captain and Second Entry for TSM’s Rainbow Six Siege team, joining the organization in June 2019. Rainbow Six is the only game he has pursued competitively, having played and streamed it since 2016. Additionally, he has a large gaming background across numerous titles such as Ark, CoD, and Battlefield. He originally started playing on Xbox, but switched to PC to continue competing and chasing his dream of being a pro player. Achieved is a very calculated player, skilled with utility and well-known by many for his Buck gameplay.
Khalil Pleas
Khalil ‘b1ologic’ Pleas signed with TSM Rainbow Six Siege as their IGL. He has been in the R6 competitive scene for three years, having first started in the Xbox Pro League. He made the switch to PC after, playing previously in the Pro League on Infamy. b1ologic described himself as a logical player, preferring to focus on the fundamentals of the game and consistently aiming to put himself in good situations to make good plays.
Jason Doty
ROLE: Flex
Jason ‘Beaulo’ Doty joined TSM in June 2019 as a part of the organization’s first Rainbow Six Siege team. He is the team’s flex player, playing a wide variety of operators to fit whatever is needed for the map. Over the past few years, Beaulo became well known by many as a content creator, featuring his precise aim and overaggressive play on stream and YouTube while he could not officially compete due to age restrictions. His entry into the pro scene has come with a fair amount of hype, with many of his fans hoping to see him succeed in the Rainbow Six League.
Tommy Samuel
ROLE: Support
Tommy ‘Krusher’ Samuel became a part of TSM in June 2019, joining the organization as their Rainbow Six Siege team’s dedicated support player. Krusher’s has a strong background in FPS games, having played CS:GO, PUBG, and CoD prior to Rainbow Six. He has been competing in R6 for a year, taking a small hiatus after qualifying for Pro League after his first season in Challenger while on Spacestation. After this break, he went back to Challenger, re-qualifying again for the Pro League where he is now. Unlike most other players who describe themselves as aggressive, Krusher prefers his role as support, prioritizing staying alive and opening walls or planting bombs for the team.
Bryan Wrzek
ROLE: Entry Frag/Roamer
Bryan ‘Merc’ Wrzek is the entry frag/roamer for TSM Rainbow Six Siege, signing with the organization in June 2019. At the time of his signing, he had been playing R6 competitively for a year and a half. Prior to R6, he spent the majority of his gaming time playing Call of Duty. Merc initially started competing in R6 on Xbox, even winning a few majors, but eventually made the switch to PC to continue playing in Challenger League. His primary strengths are adapting to the players around him, learning quickly how to set up his team up for good opportunities in game and playing well with his teammates.
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