Fortnite Streamers

Team Members


Brett Hoffman

‘dakotaz’ joined TSM in January of 2018 alongside partner streamer ‘HighDistortion’ to represent the organization in the Fortnite community. dakotaz was initially a streamer within the survival game community, playing WarZ and Infestation prior to making the switch to Battle Royale. He moved onto Fortnite the day it came out, becoming known for his sniping ability and keeping a highly relaxed stream atmosphere. He and HighDistortion became close after playing together on stream, with the pair quickly becoming fan favorites and being known by their fans as ‘HDK’ (a portmanteau of ‘HD’ for HighDistortion and ‘DK’ for dakotaz).


Jimmy Moreno

‘HighDistortion’ signed with TSM in January of 2018 with partner streamer ‘dakotaz’ to represent the company in Fortnite. Prior to HighDistortion playing Fortnite, he was a competitive Gears of War player for over ten years and competitive Overwatch for a bit after that. He made his entry into Fortnite a couple of weeks after it went free to play, taking much of his FPS experience with him and becoming well known for his flashy, aggressive, highlight reel worthy plays. His stream gained popularity after receiving generous hosts from more well known players, one of whom being dakotaz. The pair have since become a well-known Fortnite duo, streaming together and putting on a good show for their viewers as ‘HDK’.


Shane Turnbull

Shane ‘OPscT’ Turnbull joined TSM in February 2018, having signed on as a Fortnite streamer. He started playing Battle Royale with H1Z1 in 2015, where he became recognized in the community for high placements in a number of invitational tournaments. He started to play Fortnite in September 2017, where his BR skill carried over and earned him first place in the December invitational. He is good friends with many other members of TSM Fortnite including Dakotaz, HighDistortion, CaMiLLs, and Daequan, and will showcase his talent alongside them on his stream.