Team Members


Garrett Shearer

Garrett 'geesh' Shearer is the IGL for TSM H1Z1, joining the organization in April 2018 as a part of their first ever H1Z1 team. geesh has been playing competitively for quite some time, having played in local LAN tournaments for Counterstrike 1.6 many years ago. He became a part of the H1Z1 competitive scene in January 2016, citing it as his favorite BR game at the moment. He joined with his fellow teammates Carta and ShellShock at the very start of 2017, with whom he has been teammates for more than a year. His team’s performances and decision making throughout the past couple years have given him a reputation for being one of the best in-game leaders in the community.


Carter Bjorklund

Carter 'carta' Bjorklund is one of the first members of TSM H1Z1, becoming a part of the organization in April 2018. H1Z1 is his first Battle Royale, which he started playing in September 2015 and happens to be the first game he has played competitively. Despite carta’s more supportive role on the team (being one of their players to provide smokes and cover), he’s got a reputation for his skilled aiming, occasionally popping off and racking up a bunch of kills. He is one of the squad’s first three members along with geesh and ShellShock.


Eric Geel

Eric 'ogtriv' Geel became a part of TSM H1Z1 in April 2018, joining the organization as a part of its first ever H1Z1 team. He has played H1Z1 for three years, with it being his first Battle Royale game. He’s played H1Z1 competitively for over two of those three years, in addition to having competitive experience in Counter-Strike, TF2, DotA 2, and Overwatch. He’s become known in the H1Z1 community for his vehicle shenanigans and driving skills, earning the title of “Racer Gamer”. He teamed with Carta, Geesh, and ShellShock in May 2017, playing a supportive role on the team by providing smokes, stun grenades, and watching the team’s flanks.


Mark Thees

Mark 'Dropped' Thees joined TSM H1Z1 in April 2018 as the secondary shotcaller of the organization’s first H1Z1 team. H1Z1 is his first Battle Royale, having played it competitively for the past two years. Despite having spent most of his time with sports prior to his H1Z1 career, he’s known as one of the best slayers in the H1Z1 community, being the only player to have won two Royalty Showdowns, in addition to winning them back to back. He teamed with the rest of the squad in January 2018, continuing his role as a slayer but also as the team’s secondary shotcaller.


Jacob Hash

Jacob 'ShellShock' Hash signed with TSM in April 2018 as its first H1Z1 team’s members. Like most of his other teammates, H1Z1 is his first Battle Royale, having played competitively for the past two years, and having teamed with Geesh, Carta, and Ogtriv in the last year. He comes from a long background in FPS games, having played Medal of Honor, CoD, and CS:GO before arriving at H1Z1. He’s known for his consistency as a slayer at LAN events, maintaining a strong performance throughout the tournaments he’s participated in.