Team Members


Josh Wirtz

Josh ‘Hami’ Wirtz is the former laner for Rogue and has joined TSM to be the team’s top laner with the coming of Vainglory 5v5. Along with Chuck, he is one of the most veteran players on the team, having played competitively for the past couple of years becoming well known for his Saw gameplay. Although his competitive record remains without major placements, he has consistently been recognized for his tremendous mechanical skill that has earned him many victories and will prove to be a major asset to the TSM roster.


Raul Montano

Raul ‘Chuck’ Montano (previously BestChuckNA) has been with TSM since May 2016 and is one of the most veteran players on the squad. He is the only remaining player from the previous 3v3 roster, having achieved 2nd place at worlds in 2016 and multiple 1st place regular season finishes in 2017. He has built a reputation for being one of the best Vainglory laners in North America during his time with the organization, being a cornerstone of the team’s successes throughout his tenure. He is returning to TSM more motivated than ever to perform and surpass his previous achievements.


Daniel Valdecantos

Daniel ‘daniel’ Valdecantos (previously bigpaws) joined TSM Vainglory as an exceptionally talented and competitive solo queue player in March 2018. Despite multiple setbacks in his search to join a competitive team in the past couple of years, he was highly sought after by many teams in the preseason leading up to the VPL’s debut due to his many incredible solo queue performances. He is known to play off-meta heroes as specific counterpicks, enjoying his ability to exploit and punish his enemies’ weaknesses.


Aaron Sampson

Aaron ‘ShadedTalent’ Sampson was formerly the captain for Vision Gaming, coming over to TSM in the early spring of 2018 with teammate CozZ. Under his leadership, they were able to take 1st place in split 2 of Autumn Season 2017 VIS Challengers, earning themselves a spot in the VPL. In addition to his ability to lead, he has a reputation for being extraordinarily skilled on his primary heroes such as Lyra and ChurnWalker. He will be reprising his role as Captain on TSM Vainglory, eager to continue the success he has achieved in the last year.


Jamie Segerman

Jamie ‘CozZ’ Segerman came to TSM from Vision Gaming in March of 2018. He is the younger brother of Tiv0, being at the age of thirteen when signing with TSM. Along with ShadedTalent, he won split 2 of Autumn Season 2017 VIS Challengers, gaining a spot in the VPL within his first few months of competitive play. Many see him as a young prodigy, having an extremely deep hero pool and an outstanding game sense and most importantly the competitive drive to win and succeed.


Charlie Segerman

Charlie ‘Tiv0’ Segerman was also a part of Vision Gaming as a substitute prior to joining TSM, and is the older brother of CozZ to whom he acts as a role model, guiding CozZ to use his strengths to his advantage and shore up his weaknesses. Due to the closeness of the brothers, Tiv0 prefers to be a substitute rather than compete against CozZ, even though he is considered by the community to be an outstandingly skilled player as well. Although he is the team’s sub, his ability to play multiple roles makes him an excellent flex player whom the team will be able to use to mix up strategies or fill in for teammates when necessary.