Main Roster
ROLE: Streamer
hi im gosu is a well-known streamer on, signing with TSM at the start of 2016 to stream underneath the TSM banner. Gosu is a consistently high ranked player on the North American League of Legends servers and is known for having a purely gameplay focused stream, foregoing usage of a microphone or webcam. He is most famous for his exceptional Vayne play, which has gotten him to challenger on multiple accounts in the last several years.
Jaehyung Park
ROLE: Streamer
Jaehyung ‘chu8’ Park was announced as a representative for TSM at the start of 2018. He is a longtime veteran of the MOBA scene, having been a high rated player across several titles like League of Legends, DotA 1 & 2, HoN, and most recently Heroes of the Storm where he is most active. Chu’s skill at climbing the HotS ladder has given him a reputation as a highly skilled personality within the Heroes of the Storm community, being a respected voice within high level discussions of the game and often providing educational HotS content through his stream.
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