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Josh Lujan
ROLE: Player
Josh ‘Xaryu’ Lujan joined TSM at the start of February 2020 as the organization’s very first World of Warcraft streamer. Xaryu is well-known in the WoW community, with many recognizing him as a Mage with serious PvP skills. Originally, he became known for trying to go 100-0 in 2v2, going for Rank 1 in multiple arena modes, or just trying to pull off crazy 1vN plays. In more recent years, Xaryu has branched off to do fitness streams in addition to his WoW streams, promoting healthy living and positive mentality. Despite multiple tournament wins and his stream’s success, Xaryu cites his greatest achievement as the amount of people who come into his stream and tell him how his positivity, health & gaming influence, and fitness/nutrition advice has changed their life for the better. Joining TSM as a brand partner, Xaryu seeks to continue being a role model for younger generations of gamers, showing them that health, fitness, and gaming can be combined.
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