Main Roster
Jose Soto
ROLE: Player
Jose ‘ProdigyAces’ Soto joined TSM at the start of March 2019 as one the organization’s first Apex Legends players. He is a highly skilled veteran when it comes to Battle Royales, having played them competitively for two years and running. Prior to Apex Legends’ release, he was a H1Z1 pro for STDx where he and his team took first place in the League. After, he had a brief stint in Fortnite, qualifying for and competing as a finalist in both PAX West and in Winter Royale. ProdigyAces prides himself on his shotcalling, consistently identifying safe rotations for his team to make. His shotcalling is well-respected by the team, resulting in him being TSM’s IGL. He mains Bangalore in order to determine smoke grenade placements on the map.
Phillip Dosen
ROLE: Player
Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen signed with TSM at the beginning of March 2019 to be a part of its Apex Legends squad. He has been an esports competitor for the past two years, notably competing in H1Z1 tournaments and showing a strong individual performance in the H1PL as a part of Cloud 9. He has also been a part of the Fortnite pro scene, having qualified to be a finalist for the Fall Skirmish finale at TwitchCon 2018. ImperialHal is a player molded by pressure, thriving in high-intensity situations where he is forced to make clutch plays. He mains Wraith, taking advantage of her slimmer hitbox and mobility to complement his aggressive playstyle.
Taylor Humphries
ROLE: Player
Taylor ‘THump’ Humphries became a part of TSM Apex Legends in March 2019. Like his teammates, THump has his professional origins in the H1Z1 scene, on which he competed in the H1PL for Rogue for a year. His stream took off after he got a kill record of 34 when H1 dropped a new map. He is also decently known in the Fortnite competitive scene, where he is friendly with most of the pro players and its scrimming community. He considers himself a hyper-aggressive player, always charging headfirst into a fight and attempting to get the most kills and damage dealt. In competitive play, this aggression is reined in a little. On stream, he is known for saying outlandish things and having a polarizing personality, with people either loving or hating him. His preferred class in public games is Bangalore due to her movement speed, but in competitive swaps to Lifeline due to the importance of her ultimate ability.
Diego Raymond Navarrette
ROLE: Player
Diego ‘diegosaurs’ Raymond Navarrette joined TSM mid-March 2019 to represent the organization in Apex Legends. He is a new face to, having been streaming for only 5 months at the time of his signing. He began as a Ring of Elysium player, where he managed to achieve a number of world records for kills. He has since swapped to Apex Legends, where his aggressive playstyle has resulted in #1 positions in kills and damage done on the leaderboards. His favorite Apex Legends champion is Mirage, which he enjoys due to its high skill cap. In addition to Apex Legends, he can be found playing League of Legends and OSU! on stream as well.
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