Main Roster
Gary Marshall
ROLE: Player
Gary ‘BreaK’ Marshall joined TSM midsummer 2017 as the third member of the organization’s PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS team. His experience with Battle Royale began over two years prior to his joining TSM, having started in the genre with the Arma 3 BR mod. After rising to the top of the leaderboards and maintaining his position for a fair amount of time, BreaK became recognized in the community as one of the best players. It was during this time where he met fellow teammate Viss, with whom he shared a friendly rivalry and played with quite regularly. His best leaderboard achievements to date include being the season 1 Arma 3 BR champion, and finishing top 10 in the follow season 2 and 3.
Jake Throop
ROLE: Player
Jake ‘chocoTaco’ Throop was signed by TSM as a streamer in March 2018 to represent the organization primarily within PUBG community. His streaming career began when he managed to hold North America’s rank 1 kill rating in PUBG for a few seasons, attracting more and more viewers over his first few months while streaming part time. After attending TwitchCon, his popularity soared, leading him to quit his job in education and transition into full-time streaming in January 2018. Over a short several months, he managed to build up a loyal fan base and a reputation of being a chill and highly skilled gamer, with many of his viewers being attracted to his stream by his aggressive playstyle, educational commentary, and the occasional discussion of whether or not a taco is a sandwich. He will be streaming mostly PUBG, but will occasionally be found playing other games such as CS:GO or DotA 2 as well.
Corey Mitton
ROLE: Player
Corey ‘Halifax’ Mitton is a PUBG streamer for TSM, joining the organization at the end of May 2018. Halifax is a longtime Battle Royale player, having started with ARMA 2 in 2013. His channel has seen massive growth over the years, which saw him moving onto ARMA 3 and nowadays PUBG. He is considered as a strategic player by many, being able to use map terrain to his advantage and find favorable engagements. He has seen great success on leaderboards, having held top leaderboard positions in both ARMA 3 and PUBG. Despite his preference to play more casually, he will occasionally attend charity events and other tournaments where he has been able get notable top placements.
Rory Logue
ROLE: Player
Rory ‘rawryy’ Logue was signed by TSM in February 2018 to be a part of our competitive PUBG division. He comes from a long history of shooting games, having played competitive Call of Duty from 2007-2012 prior to switching to Battle Royale. After CoD, rawryy switched to DayZero where he met BreaK with whom he became teammates and aimPR whom he competed against. He then moved onto Arma2 and Arma3 before finally arriving at PUBG, where he has been competing regularly for TSM in premier leagues such as Auzom or the PUBG Online Showdown.
Austin Haggett
ROLE: Player
Austin ‘SmaK’ Haggett joined TSM mid-2017 as one of the first players on the organization’s PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS team. He started gaming on the NES and stuck with consoles throughout much of his life, playing titles like Super Mario 3 and the N64 GoldenEye. He made his entry into the competitive scene in Halo where he initially participated in local tournaments until his competitive drive led him to competing in MLG events and climbing the leaderboards of multiple games such as Gears of War, Halo, Battlefield, and CoD. SmaK began his Twitch stream and playing DayZ at the start of 2013, and before long discovered Arma and Battle Royale. Currently, SmaK has retired from the competitive scene, remaining on TSM as a streamer.
Alexandru Cotiga
ROLE: Player
Alexandru 'SOLIDFPS' Cotiga moved to TSM’s competitive PUBG roster in May 2018, transferring from Cloud 9 after playing competitively for nearly a full year. SOLIDFPS is a decorated PUBG competitor, achieving 1st place Gamescom Invitational 2017 FPP Duos, 2nd place at IEM Katowice, and 4th place at Starladder over his career. He was originally known as a top duo player with the ability to clutch out 1v1s and 1v2s. Now that the competitive scene is formed exclusively around squads, this skill has made him a reliable and fearsome team player for the TSM squad.
Colton Visser
ROLE: Player
Colton ‘Viss’ Visser became a part of TSM mid-2017 as one of the organization’s first PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS players. His gaming life started when he was young, having achieved high competitive ratings in multiple large titles such as Halo 3, CoD 4, and MW 2 as he was growing up. He cites his competitive spirit from his years playing football in which he and his high school team made state championships. Viss eventually rose to prominence in the Battle Royale scene after rising to the top spot on the Arma 3 BR leaderboards and maintaining a consistent top ten spot for the following seasons. His prowess within the genre was carried over to PUBG, where he managed to obtain the #1 spot on both the NA Solo and Duo ladders. He is currently a full time streamer on Twitch, but seeks to play competitively as opportunities arise.
Sean Garcia
ROLE: Player
Sean ‘vsnz’ Garcia joined TSM in May 2018 as a streamer within the PUBG scene. vsnz comes from a background in Counter-Strike, having played it competitively from beta to 1.6. He began his streaming career soon after a friend re-introduced him to CS:GO in 2014. He began playing the Battle Royale genre soon after. These days, vsnz runs a cozy and relaxed stream where he can be found playing PUBG with many of the community’s largest names, amongst whom he has a reputation for being one of the nicest team players.
Omer Develi
ROLE: Player
Omer ‘Iroh’ Develi signed with TSM PUBG in August 2019 leading into Phase 3 of the PEL. PUBG is the first game Iroh has played competitively, although he has hit the top ranks in both Rainbow Six and CS:GO prior to PUBG. He is known for his aim and fragging potential - despite being on one of the weaker teams in the PEL, he was amongst the league’s highest damage dealers. Coming into TSM, Iroh is hoping that he will be able to show off his aggressive capability, bringing the team the firepower it needs to compete at the top.
Michael Wake
ROLE: Player
Michael ‘mykLe’ Wake, previously known as Survivor or SurvivorSkills, signed with TSM at the start of February 2019 to be a part of their competitive PUBG Roster. mykLe’s first BR game was Infestation: New Z, streaming and creating content for YouTube every day and making a name for himself in that scene. He started his career in PUBG in mid-2017 where he played in online leagues like PUBGonline and Auzom and was signed to the Pittsburgh Knights soon after. He describes himself as a confident and decisive player, preferring to make plays that allow his team to succeed.
Christopher Wheddon
ROLE: Player
Christopher ‘Fexx’ Wheddon signed with TSM PUBG in January 2020 to be a part of their competitive PUBG squad. Fexx is one of the newer faces to the scene, having begun his pro career in May 2019. He and his team at the time were playing in contenders where they found great success; placing third and qualifying for the PEL in the following promotion tournament. With a good start to his career and the fresh taste of success, Fexx is hungry for more and aims to continue his trajectory while on TSM.
René Rehling
ROLE: Player
René ‘Braexco’ Rehling joined TSM PUBG in January 2020, signing on as a member of their competitive PUBG squad. Braexco is a highly competitive individual, always aiming to be amongst the best in any game he plays. He has been active in the PUBG scene in the past couple of years, finding great success on an all-German roster, establishing themselves as a top 5 roster in Europe. Despite his many top 5 PEL finishes and regional tournament wins, Braex has his eyes on bigger victories and hopes to take 1st place in a major continental event.
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