Main Roster
Christopher Wheddon
ROLE: Player
Christopher ‘Fexx’ Wheddon signed with TSM PUBG in January 2020 to be a part of their competitive PUBG squad. Fexx is one of the newer faces to the scene, having begun his pro career in May 2019. He and his team at the time were playing in contenders where they found great success; placing third and qualifying for the PEL in the following promotion tournament. With a good start to his career and the fresh taste of success, Fexx is hungry for more and aims to continue his trajectory while on TSM.
Omer Develi
ROLE: Player
Omer ‘Iroh’ Develi signed with TSM PUBG in August 2019 leading into Phase 3 of the PEL. PUBG is the first game Iroh has played competitively, although he has hit the top ranks in both Rainbow Six and CS:GO prior to PUBG. He is known for his aim and fragging potential - despite being on one of the weaker teams in the PEL, he was amongst the league’s highest damage dealers. Coming into TSM, Iroh is hoping that he will be able to show off his aggressive capability, bringing the team the firepower it needs to compete at the top.
Alex Gouge
ROLE: Player
Alex ‘vard’ Gouge is a member of TSM’s newest competitive PUBG squad, joining the organization at the end of April 2020. Previously on NiP, vard has been playing competitively since the start of 2018. Despite mixed showings over the past couple years, vard has shown significant highs throughout his career, having seen high major placements in 2018 and 2020. Massive highlight plays have earned him a reputation as a top fragging player, with much of the community recognizing him for his incredible aim.
Justin McNally
ROLE: Player
Justin ‘MiracU’ McNally is a competitive PUBG player, joining TSM’s newest competitive squad at the end of April 2020. MiracU is a well known member in the PUBG competitive scene from his time on NiP, with plenty of top 3 placements at majors and premiers. He’s often applauded for his fragging potential, often having standout performances at any tournament he attends.
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