Main Roster
James Cobb
ROLE: Player
James ‘hazed’ Cobb joined TSM at the end of May 2020 to be a part of their first ever VALORANT squad. Prior to VALORANT, hazed was formerly a CS:GO pro and coach. He found decent domestic success over the course of his career, and became well known as a strong IGL and support in North America. He will be reprising these roles on TSM, aiming to lead his team to victory.
Taylor Johnson
ROLE: Player
Taylor ‘drone’ Johnson officially became a part of TSM in May 2020, joining as a fragger on their VALORANT squad. Like the rest of his teammates, Drone was previously a CS:GO pro before switching to VALORANT. Although his time playing Counter-Strike showed mixed results, Drone has had multiple strong showings in early VALORANT tournaments, displaying his natural skill and potential within the game.
Matthew Yu
ROLE: Player
Matthew ‘WARDELL’ Yu signed with TSM in May 2020 as a part of their VALORANT squad. Known from CS:GO for his AWPing abilities, WARDELL’s skill with a sniper has certainly transferred over to VALORANT where every game is a sniper highlight reel. Young and hungry for success, WARDELL is now in the spotlight with many fans eager to see what he’ll be able to achieve.
Yassine Taoufik
ROLE: Player
Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik became a part of TSM at the end of May 2020 as a fragger on its competitive VALORANT team. Subroza is best known for his unique aiming, which unlike most CS:GO pros, tends to be very jittery. Despite having a lot of online success, he’s still searching for big appearances at LAN events, looking to prove himself and his abilities to the world.
Stephen Cutler
ROLE: Player
Stephen ‘reltuC’ Cutler joined TSM as a part of their first VALORANT at the end of May 2020. Cutler is a long-time veteran from the Counter-Strike scene - having been a pro since the 1.6 days. He has seen moderate success over the past several years, picking up good tournament placements although never taking a major title. He will be playing the support role on the current VALORANT squad, helping Hazed guide the squad as one of its most veteran players.
Catherine Leroux
ROLE: Player
Emily Peters
ROLE: Player
Zoe Servais
ROLE: Player
Mirna Noureldin
ROLE: Player
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